Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why It Is Critical To Understand Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis, or more commonly referred to as TB, is an infection caused by bacteria. It may be passed through the lymph nodes within the body, to the bloodstream or in any organs within the body. Commonly, the bacterial infection may be found in the lungs. Those people who have been exposed to this illness could never experience any of the symptoms because they lay dormant within the body.

However, if the time when the immune system of a person deteriorates, the bacteria caused by TB will affect the people. It is important to take note that the bacteria brought by TB will destroy the tissue in the organs where they lodge. It will cause people their lives if it is not treated right away.

Is Tuberculosis Contagious?

The sad part about TB is that it can be transmitted airborne, and it is contagious. The bacterial infection will take place if a person spends one whole day with a patient suffering from TB. Examples of these are when a person has a workmate with the condition, or that person will likely spend a day with somebody having TB. Nevertheless, because TB bacteria will stay dormant within the body, only a few people will get infected by it if their immune system will be compromised.

Nonetheless, people who have exposure to patients having TB should also receive immediate medical intervention. Though the bacteria harbored by the TB patients will likely stay dormant to their new hosts, it will become active subsequently. There are drugs that can fight off the bacteria before ever becoming active. At some point in time, the illness is a deadly disease affecting millions of people all around the world. But ever since the inception of antibiotics, this disease has been eradicated. However, TB has resurfaced in new forms, which render the effects of the antibiotics useless.

With the advent of the new drugs today, there are TB medications that can keep the problem at bay. It is still important to seek help from a doctor to know if the bacterial infection is in its latent or active phase. The doctor will provide the best treatment to get rid of the condition and live a normal life.

Symptoms Concerning Tuberculosis

At first, the symptoms of tuberculosis may not be visible or felt by the person who has it. Over the course of time, the symptoms will become more and more evident, especially if it will reach its active phase. As a matter of fact, people are not aware that they have the symptoms of TB because it is dormant, unless they seek help from the doctor to know if they are suffering from the illness. For people with active TB, the symptoms will include chest pain, weight loss, fever, feeling of uneasiness, generalized fatigue and coughing.

It is imperative to call the physician right away if there are any symptoms of the active disease. Also, if a person is exposed to somebody with an active condition, seeking help from a doctor is important. Other symptoms that TB may exhibit are almost similar to any other diseases. The most apparent symptom is blood in the mucus, but it can also be a sign of pneumonia or bronchitis. Always seek the help of the doctor to know the real condition.

Tests And Examinations For Tuberculosis

The doctor will gather all the essential information about a patient though his or her medical history. Remember that the active infection can likely spread to other people, while the inactive infection will not. Remember that a physical examination and the medical history are essential for patients with TB. These tests will know the exact symptoms of the TB, the people who came in close contact with the patients, and the place where this condition is common.

The most reliable test that can be done to people with TB is the Mantoux skin test. This procedure works by injecting a small amount of liquid intradermally, or within the top layer of the skin of the arm. After a couple of days, the doctor will inspect if the test conducted is positive. A positive Mantoux test means that a person is suffering from the condition, even if it is still dormant. Even if a person has an inactive TB, it is still important to be regularly monitored by the physician.

The Possible Treatment For Patients Having Tuberculosis

The treatments for TB may vary depending on the extent of the condition. For people with TB but is still inactive, the drug called isoniazid is prescribed. The main mode of action of this drug is for the inactive infection not to become active. Additionally, pyridoxine will also be recommended by the doctor. This is prescribed to battle any side effects of the isoniazid. Meanwhile, for patients with TB in its active phase, combination drugs will be prescribed. This will include pyrazinamide, ethambutol, isoniazid and rifampin. At this point, it is a must to regulate the treatment by a physician for it to be treated.

Tuberculosis is still deadly even if there are several medications used to treat it. It is of paramount importance to know how to get rid of TB and live a healthy life. Always work with a healthcare provider to avoid the effects of this disease. The information mentioned here will most definitely help every patient suffering from the condition, and give them the chance to get rid of TB. This gives them the freedom to enjoy a healthy life.